Designing mobile apps for kids

Five tips: 5 Tips When Designing Mobile Apps for Kids We follow Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, or COPPA guidelines.

A good article: Top 10 tips for mobile phone safety

More and more children are diagnosed with attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity, until today, approximately more than 10% in Europe and the United States. In conventional medicine you are being used methylphenidate, which are practically amphetamines. In children with ADHD, paradoxically, it has soothing, regulatory effects of the activity and improve concentration. In short, not much is known […]

Death is one of the taboo subjects par excellence. We do not want to talk about it, not even thinking about it, because it hurts, scary, or is not being prepared. If it happens we have to explain to our son / daughter that someone close has died, we may find ourselves in the situation of not knowing how to […]

Learning to talk about sexuality in family Most parents agree on the importance of an affective-sexual education quality from home and get involved in it. However, it is common throughout the process we arise fears, doubts and concerns about what to say, what not, how, when the time is right, what to do in certain situations or embarrassing questions. Given […]

Advantages of new technologies


Learning difficulties

We at Deedu are concerned about providing families and educators completely safe games. The applications have been created by a team of psychologists specialized in learning difficulties. The team has developed the activities based upon materials used in clinical practice with children affected by ADHD. Our experts offer, for each cognitive skill, the basic guidelines for the kids to be […]

Growing up together

Our development is based upon two main lines of work. First, one centered in learning difficulties that appear when one of the superior –or executive– functions is damaged in a greater or lesser extent. The second one is focused on educational aspects having to do with emotions. We offer several educational games for children between 2 and 10, that include […]

Learning while playing

Our applications help improve the cognitive skills in four different areas: attention, memory, language and reasoning. We feel it’s important for the kids to work on these abilities without feeling that they are learning. That’s why we present our activities in the form of creative games that go beyond the traditional puzzles or simple memory games.