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Educational game aimed at improving the attention span of children.
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Educational game for kids between 2 and 10 years old, aimed at improving their attention span. The game contains four kinds of practice with 18 progressive difficulty levels each, which totals 90 levels, all of them free.

The game doesn’t include publicity banners or in-app purchases.

The kid must link the objects and their outlines, with increasing difficulty (change of size, inversion and rotation in space) and special quick selection exercises.


We at Deedu design applications for kids, aimed at achieving a cognitive improvement in the attention span, memory, language and reasoning areas. The apps have been created by a team of psychologists specialized in learning difficulties. The activities are developed based on materials used in clinical practice with children affected by ADHD. Our experts offer, for each cognitive skill, the basic guidelines for the kids to be able to learn, improve their execution proficiency and increase the number of strategies used.